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सारिन् adj. sArin running
सरिन् adj. sarin coming to aid
सारिन् adj. sArin pursuing
सरिन् adj. sarin approaching
सारिन् adj. sArin hastening
सारिन् adj. sArin going
सारिन् adj. sArin following
शरिन् adj. zarin provided with arrows
सारिणी f. sAriNI channel
सारिणी f. sAriNI brook
सरिन्मुख n. sarinmukha mouth or source of a river
सरिन्नाथ m. sarinnAtha river-lord
सरिन्नाथ m. sarinnAtha ocean
सरिन्मरुवनाश्रय adj. sarinmaruvanAzraya protected by a river and a desert and wood
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