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सावित्र adj. sAvitra relating to sAvitra i.e. karNa
सावित्र adj. sAvitra belonging to the solar dynasty
सावित्र adj. sAvitra relating or belonging to the sun
सावित्र adj. sAvitra accompanied or effected by the sAvitri verse
सावित्र adj. sAvitra derived or descended from the sun
सावित्र m. sAvitra Brahman
सावित्र m. sAvitra son or descendant of sun
सावित्र m. sAvitra particular fire
सावित्र m. sAvitra embryo or fetus
सावित्र m. sAvitra particular oblation
सावित्र m. sAvitra sun
सावित्र m. sAvitra particular kind of ladleful
सवित्र n. savitra instrument of production
सावित्र n. sAvitra initiation into membership of the twice-born classes by reciting the sAvitri verse and investing with the sacred thread
सवित्र n. savitra cause of generation
सावित्र n. sAvitra sacred thread
सावित्रवत् adj. sAvitravat connected with verses addressed to the sun
सावित्रचयन n. sAvitracayana arranging or preparing the fire called sAvitra
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