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सवितृ m. savitR sun
सवितृ m. savitR vivifier
सवितृ m. savitR orb of the sun or its god
सवितृ m. savitR rouser
सवितृ m. savitR stimulator
सावित्रि f. sAvitri particular verse
सावित्री f. sAvitrI verse or prayer addressed to the Sun
सवित्री f. savitrI mother
सावित्री f. sAvitrI ray of light
सवित्री f. savitrI female producer
सावित्री f. sAvitrI ring-finger
सावित्री f. sAvitrI initiation as a member of the three twice-born classes by reciting the above verse and investing with the sacred thread
सावित्री f. sAvitrI solar ray
सावित्री f. sAvitrI particular form of the gAyatrI metre
सवितृल m. savitRla endearing form of sarntRdatta on
सावित्रिका f. sAvitrikA particular zakti
सवित्रिय adj. savitriya relating or belonging to the sun
सवित्रिय adj. savitriya solar
सवितृद्वत n. savitRdvata constellation hastA or the 13th of the lunar mansions
सावित्रीसूत्र n. sAvitrIsUtra sacred thread
सावित्रीव्रत n. sAvitrIvrata particular fast
सवितृदैवत n. savitRdaivata constellation hastA or the 13th of the lunar mansions
सावित्रीपतित adj. sAvitrIpatita fallen from or deprived of the sAvitrI
सावित्रीपतित adj. sAvitrIpatita not invested with the sacred thread at the proper time
सावित्रीपुत्रीय m. sAvitrIputrIya king of the sAvitrIputras
सावित्रीव्रतक n. sAvitrIvrataka particular fast
सवितृसुतदिन n. savitRsutadina Saturday
सावित्रीमहानाम्य sAvitrImahAnAmya ceremony of investiture with recital of the sAvitrI
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