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सीमान्त adj. sImAnta bounded by a landmark
सीमन्त m. sImanta limit
सीमान्त m. sImAnta boundary
सीमन्त m. sImanta line of separation on the human body
सीमान्त m. sImAnta boundary of a village
सीमन्त m. sImanta parting of the hair
सीमन्त m. sImanta border (of hair)
सीमान्त m. sImAnta border
सीमान्त m. sImAnta bounds
सीमन्त m. sImanta boundary
सीमन्तक adj. sImantaka having the hair parted
सीमन्तक m. sImantaka hair-parting
सीमन्तक n. sImantaka kind of ruby
सीमन्तक n. sImantaka red lead
सीमन्तक n. sImantaka vermilion
सीमान्तर n. sImAntara boundary of a village
सीमन्तवत् adj. sImantavat separated or parted by a straight line
सीमन्तयति verb sImantayati { sImantaya } make a parting
सीमन्तयति verb sImantayati { sImantaya } traverse in a straight line
सीमान्तलेखा f. sImAntalekhA extremity
सीमान्तलेखा f. sImAntalekhA utmost limit
सीमन्तकरण n. sImantakaraNa act or ceremony of parting the hair
सीमान्तपूजन n. sImAntapUjana act of honouring a village boundary
सीमान्तपूजन n. sImAntapUjana doing honour to a bridegroom when he arrives at the village boundary