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त्रिसूत्री f. trisUtrI 3 sUtras
पञ्चसूत्र n. paJcasUtra 5 sUtras
शाङ्करी f. zAGkarI ziva-sUtra
सूत्रग्रन्थ m. sUtragrantha sUtra work
सूत्रराज m. sUtrarAja sUtra-king
सूत्रविद् m. sUtravid sUtra knower
मूलसूत्र n. mUlasUtra initial sUtra
मानवसूत्र n. mAnavasUtra sUtra of manu
जीतकल्पसूत्र n. jItakalpasUtra old kalpasUtra
बुद्धवचन n. buddhavacana Buddhist sUtras
मूलसूत्र n. mUlasUtra principal sUtra
चन्द्रसूत्र n. candrasUtra sUtras of candra
कार्शाश्वीय n. kArzAzvIya sUtra of kRzAzva
षोडशलक्षण n. SoDazalakSaNa sUtra of jaimini
शिवस्व n. zivasva sUtras's property
सौत्र adj. sautra relating to a sUtra
द्राह्यायणक n. drAhyAyaNaka sUtra of drAhyAyaNa
सूत्रसङ्ग्रह m. sUtrasaGgraha collection of sUtras
सूत्रविद् m. sUtravid one versed in sUtras
गौभिल n. gaubhila gobhila's gRhya-sUtra
यथासूत्रम् ind. yathAsUtram according to the sUtra
सूत्रकरण n. sUtrakaraNa composition of a sUtra
सूत्रिका f. sUtrikA feminine form of sUtraka
गाथा f. gAthA metrical part of a sUtra
सूत्रकर्तृ m. sUtrakartR author of a sUtra manual
सूत्रराज m. sUtrarAja sUtra of the first order
वैपुल्य n. vaipulya sUtra of great extension
महासमय n. mahAsamaya name of a Buddhist sUtra
लाट्यायनश्रौतसूत्र n. lATyAyanazrautasUtra zrauta-sUtra of lATyAyana
शाङ्खायनश्रौतसूत्र n. zAGkhAyanazrautasUtra zrauta-sUtra of zAGkhAyana
कात्यायनसूत्र n. kAtyAyanasUtra zrauta-sUtras of kAtyAyana
सूत्रयति verb sUtrayati { sUtr } put in the form of a sUtra
वेदसूत्र n. vedasUtra sUtra belonging to the veda
महादूत n. mahAdUta name of a Buddhist sUtra wk
हस्तिसूत्र n. hastisUtra sUtra. treating of elephants
विनयसूत्र n. vinayasUtra sUtra treating of discipline
सूत्रयति verb sUtrayati { sUtr } teach as a sUtra or aphorism
सूत्रान्तक adj. sUtrAntaka versed in the Buddhist sUtras
स्मार्तसूत्र n. smArtasUtra any sUtra work based on smRti
उणादिसूत्रवृत्ति f. uNAdisUtravRtti commentary on the uNAdi-sUtras
सूत्रित adj. sUtrita directed or declared in a sUtra
सौत्र adj. sautra mentioned or declared in a sUtra
यथान्यासम् ind. yathAnyAsam according to the text of a sUtra
गीतिसूत्र n. gItisUtra sUtra composed in the gIti metre
सुप्रतिष्णातसूत्र m. supratiSNAtasUtra Brahman well versed in the sUtras
तक्षक m. takSaka speaker in the prelude of a drama [sUtradhAra]
सूत्रितत्व n. sUtritatva being said or enjoined in a sUtra
ब्रह्मसूत्रपद n. brahmasUtrapada word or statement of a brahmasUtra
सूत्रीय adj. sUtrIya relating to or concerning the sUtras
उणादिसूत्र n. uNAdisUtra sUtras treating of the uNAdi-affixes
धर्मसूत्र n. dharmasUtra sUtra wk. treating on law and custom
सूत्रपिटक n. sUtrapiTaka basket or collection of Buddhist sUtras
वार्त्तिकसूत्रिक adj. vArttikasUtrika one who studies the vArttikas and sUtras
काल्पसूत्र m. kAlpasUtra one who is familiar with the kalpa-sUtras
चातुष्टय adj. cAtuSTaya versed in the sUtras consisting of 4 sections
चतुष्टय n. catuSTaya collection of sUtras consisting of 4 sections
ब्रह्मसूत्र n. brahmasUtra sUtra work treating of the knowledge of brahma
सूत्रान्त m. sUtrAnta Buddhist sUtra or the doctrines contained in it
मण्डूकगति adj. maNDUkagati leaping like a frog i.e. skipping several sUtras
सूत्रयितव्य adj. sUtrayitavya to be composed or arranged in the form of sUtras
सूत्रकण्ठ m. sUtrakaNTha having sUtras in the throat ready to be repeated
सारस्वतीय adj. sArasvatIya relating to or connected with the sarasvatI-sUtra
मङ्गलमात्रभूषण adj. maGgalamAtrabhUSaNa only adorned with turmeric or with the maGgala-sUtra
सञ्ज्ञासूत्र n. saJjJAsUtra any sUtra which teaches the meaning of a technical term
आश्वलायन m. AzvalAyana author of sUtra or ritual works and founder of a Vedic school
मण्डूकप्लुति f. maNDUkapluti skipping of several sUtras and supplying from a previous sUtra
मण्डूकप्लुति f. maNDUkapluti skipping of several sUtras and supplying from a previous sUtra
अनुव्याख्यान n. anuvyAkhyAna that portion of a brAhmaNa which explains or illustrates difficult sUtras
सुप्रतिष्णातसूत्र m. supratiSNAtasUtra one who is well skilled in repeating or has clearly ascertained the sUtras
कथोद्घात m. kathodghAta opening of a drama by the character that first enters overhearing and repeating the last words of the sUtradhAra or manager
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