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सङ्गत adj. saGgata compatible
सङ्गत adj. saGgata united
सङ्गत adj. saGgata consistent
साङ्गता f. sAGgatA modularity [computer]
सङ्गतता f. saGgatatA compatibility [computer]
सङ्घातक adj. saGghAtaka well-conducted
सङ्घटक m. saGghaTaka constituent
सङ्घटन n. saGghaTana organisation
सङ्घटन n. saGghaTana constitution
सङ्घटयति verb saGghaTayati bring together
सङ्घटयति verb saGghaTayati unite
सङ्घटनचित्र n. saGghaTanacitra organization chart [computer]
संहति-सङ्घटक m. saMhati-saGghaTaka constituents of a system [Phys.]
केन्द्रीय सङ्घटन n. kendrIya saGghaTana central organisation
सङ्घातकविस्फोटन n. saGghAtakavisphoTana combinatorial explosion [computer]
उच्च न्यायालय-सङ्घटन n. ucca nyAyAlaya-saGghaTana constitution of High Courts
सन्धानीय विधानमण्डल का सङ्घटन n. sandhAnIya vidhAnamaNDala kA saGghaTana constitution of federal legislature
सङ्गत adj. saGgata fitted together
सङ्गत adj. saGgata met
सङ्गत adj. saGgata allied with
सङ्गत adj. saGgata friendly to
सङ्गत adj. saGgata according with or fit for
सङ्गत adj. saGgata shrunk up
सङ्गत adj. saGgata apposite
सङ्गत adj. saGgata united
सङ्गत adj. saGgata contracted
सङ्गत adj. saGgata in conjunction
सङ्गत adj. saGgata encountered
सङ्गत adj. saGgata joined
सङ्गत adj. ppp. saGgata allied
सङ्गत m. saGgata alliance or peace based on mutual friendship
सङ्गत n. saGgata friendship
सङ्गत n. saGgata friendship or intimacy with
सङ्गत n. saGgata addiction or devotion to
सङ्गत n. saGgata agreement
सङ्गत n. saGgata companionship
संगत adj. saMgata suitable
संगत adj. saMgata proper
संगत adj. saMgata come together
संगत adj. saMgata fit for
संगत adj. saMgata according with
संगत m. saMgata friendship
संगत m. saMgata meeting with
संगत m. saMgata association
संगत m. saMgata alliance
संगत m. saMgata coming together
संगत m. saMgata intercourse
संगत m. saMgata intimacy with
संगत m. saMgata frequent meeting
सङ्गथा f. saGgathA confluence
सङ्गथ m. saGgatha meeting-place
सङ्गथ m. saGgatha war
सङ्गथ m. saGgatha centre
सङ्गथ m. saGgatha conflict
सङ्घट adj. saGghaTa heaped
सङ्घट adj. saGghaTa piled up
सङ्घात m. saGghAta collection
सङ्घाट m. saGghATa fitting and joining of timber
सङ्घात m. saGghAta multitude
सङ्घात m. saGghAta compound as a compact whole on
सङ्घात m. saGghAta caravan
सङ्घात m. saGghAta vowel with its consonant
सङ्घात m. saGghAta heap
सङ्घात m. saGghAta collection of mucus
सङ्घात m. saGghAta any aggregate of matter
सङ्घात m. saGghAta particular gait or mode of walking
सङ्घात m. saGghAta compressing
सङ्घात m. saGghAta close union or combination
सङ्घात m. saGghAta war
सङ्घात m. saGghAta intensity
सङ्घात m. saGghAta combat
सङ्घात m. saGghAta battle
सङ्घाट m. saGghATa joinery
सङ्घात m. saGghAta phlegm
सङ्घात m. saGghAta condensation
सङ्घात m. saGghAta closing
सङ्घात m. saGghAta killing
सङ्घात m. saGghAta compactness
सङ्घात m. saGghAta body
सङ्घात m. saGghAta poem composed in one and the same metre
सङ्घात m. saGghAta crushing
सङ्घात m. saGghAta cluster
सङ्घाट m. saGghATa carpentry
सङ्घात m. saGghAta mass
सङ्घात m. saGghAta company of fellow-travellers
सङ्घात m. saGghAta bone
सङ्घाट m. saGghATa pot
सङ्घात m. saGghAta striking or dashing together
सङ्घात m. saGghAta hardening
सङ्गतक m. saGgataka contact
सङ्घातम् ind. saGghAtam dashing together
सङ्घातज adj. saGghAtaja produced by a complicated derangement of the three humours
सङ्घातक m. saGghAtaka separation of such as keep together
सङ्घटना f. saGghaTanA combination of words or sounds
सङ्घटन n. saGghaTana union or junction with
सङ्घातन n. saGghAtana destroying
सङ्घातन n. saGghAtana killing
सङ्घटते verb saGghaTate { saM- gaT } assemble together
सङ्घटते verb saGghaTate { saM- gaT } meet
सङ्घटते verb saGghaTate { saM- gaT } encounter
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