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सङ्घुष्ट adj. saGghuSTa sounded
सङ्घुष्ट adj. saGghuSTa offered for sale
सङ्घुष्ट adj. saGghuSTa proclaimed
सङ्घुष्ट adj. saGghuSTa resonant
सङ्घुष्ट m. saGghuSTa sound
सङ्घुष्ट m. saGghuSTa noise
साङ्गुष्ठ adj. sAGguSTha together with the thumb
साङ्गुष्ठा f. sAGguSThA Rosary Pea [Abrus precatorius - Bot.]
सङ्घुष्टक adj. saGghuSTaka suited or accustomed to each other on . 8
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