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सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa surfing [computer]
सञ्चारनियामकसंविद् f. saJcAraniyAmakasaMvid TCP/IP [computer]
सञ्चारनियामकसंविद् f. saJcAraniyAmakasaMvid Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) [computer]
किं व्याधा वने अस्मिन् सञ्चरन्ति? sent. kiM vyAdhA vane asmin saJcaranti? Do hunters roam about in this wood?
मध्यरात्रकारणेन वीथीषु इतस्ततः सञ्चरन् कोऽपि न दृष्टः sent. madhyarAtrakAraNena vIthISu itastataH saJcaran ko'pi na dRSTaH Since it was mid-night, nobody was seen moving about here and there in the streets
सञ्चरण adj. saJcaraNa practicable
सञ्चरण adj. saJcaraNa fit or suitable for going or walking upon
सञ्चरण adj. saJcaraNa meeting
सञ्चरण adj. saJcaraNa accessible
सञ्चरण adj. saJcaraNa converging
सञ्चरण adj. saJcaraNa going or coming together
सञ्चारण n. saJcAraNa bringing near
सञ्चारण n. saJcAraNa mixing
सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa passing over from or in or by means of
सञ्चारण n. saJcAraNa adding
सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa use
सञ्चारण n. saJcAraNa delivering
सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa passage
सञ्चारण n. saJcAraNa insertion
सञ्चारण n. saJcAraNa transmission
सञ्चारण n. saJcAraNa conveying
सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa navigation
सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa going together or through
सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa setting in motion
सञ्चरण n. saJcaraNa motion
सञ्चारणीय adj. saJcAraNIya to be transmitted or transferred to
सञ्चारणीय adj. saJcAraNIya to be walked or wandered through or circumambulated
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