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संचित adj. saMcita thick
संचित adj. saMcita dense
संचित ppp. saMcita collected
संचित ppp. saMcita heaped up
संचित ppp. saMcita gathered
संचित ppp. saMcita accumulated
सञ्चित adj. saJcita impeded
सञ्चित adj. saJcita full of
सञ्चित adj. saJcita frequently practised or exhibited
सञ्चित adj. saJcita piled together
सञ्चित adj. saJcita fitted or provided with
सञ्चित adj. saJcita obstructed
सञ्चितकर्मन् n. saJcitakarman rites to be performed after arranging the sacrificial fire
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