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संदष्ट adj. saMdaSTa bitten
संदष्ट adj. saMdaSTa pressed
सन्दष्ट adj. sandaSTa nipped
सन्दष्ट adj. sandaSTa pinched
सन्दष्ट adj. sandaSTa pressed closely together
सन्दष्ट adj. sandaSTa compressed
सन्दष्ट n. sandaSTa particular fault in pronunciation
सन्दष्टक n. sandaSTaka kind of paronomasia
सन्दष्टयमक n. sandaSTayamaka yamaka in which each quarter of the stanza begins with a word twice repeated
सन्दष्टदन्तच्छद adj. sandaSTadantacchada biting or compressing the lips
सन्दष्टकुसुमशयन adj. sandaSTakusumazayana indenting a couch of flowers
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