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सन्दाय adj. sandAya giving
सन्दाय adj. sandAya presenting
सन्दाय m. sandAya rein
सन्धाय ind. sandhAya having placed together
सन्धाय ind. sandhAya having formed an alliance or settled terms of peace with reference to
सन्धयति verb sandhayati { saMdhaya } conclude peace
सन्धयति verb sandhayati { saMdhaya } put or join together
सन्धयति verb sandhayati { saMdhaya } unite
सन्धयति verb sandhayati { saMdhaya } be reconciled
सन्धायासन n. sandhAyAsana halt after terms of peace have been agreed upon
सन्धायगमन n. sandhAyagamana march after peace has been made
सन्धायसम्भाषा f. sandhAyasambhASA learned conversation among friends
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