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संहत adj. ppp. saMhata associated
संहत adj. saMhata struck together
संहत adj. saMhata complex
संहत adj. saMhata killed
संहत adj. saMhata athletic
संहत adj. saMhata forming one mass or body
संहत adj. saMhata coherent
संहत adj. saMhata struck
संहत adj. saMhata compacted
संहत adj. saMhata keeping together
संहत adj. saMhata accompanied or attended by
संहत adj. saMhata firm
संहत adj. saMhata compact
संहत adj. saMhata strong-limbed
संहत adj. saMhata combined
संहत adj. saMhata intensive
संहत adj. saMhata compound
संहत adj. saMhata strong
संहत adj. saMhata closely joined or united with
संहत adj. saMhata hurt
संहत adj. saMhata contiguous
संहत adj. saMhata wounded
संहत adj. saMhata composite
संहत adj. saMhata become solid
संहत adj. saMhata hard
संहत adj. saMhata solid
संहत adj. ppp. saMhata allied
संहात m. saMhAta conciseness
संहत n. saMhata particular position in dancing
संहतल m. saMhatala two hands joined with the open palms brought together
संहतता f. saMhatatA close contact or union
संहताङ्ग adj. saMhatAGga well-knit
संहताङ्ग adj. saMhatAGga strong-limbed
संहताङ्ग adj. saMhatAGga in close contiguity
संहतत्व n. saMhatatva complexity
संहतत्व n. saMhatatva close combination
संहतत्व n. saMhatatva compactness
संहतभ्रू adj. saMhatabhrU knitting the brows
संहतजानु adj. saMhatajAnu knock-kneed
संहततल m. saMhatatala two hands joined with the open palms brought together
संहतहस्त adj. saMhatahasta seizing or holding each other by the hand
संहताञ्जलि adj. saMhatAJjali joining the hollowed hands
संहतमूर्ति adj. saMhatamUrti intensive
संहतमूर्ति adj. saMhatamUrti strong
संहतमूर्ति adj. saMhatamUrti of compact form or shape
संहतजानुक adj. saMhatajAnuka knock-kneed
संहतकुलीन adj. saMhatakulIna belonging to a family closely allied or related
संहतपुच्छि ind. saMhatapucchi with contracted tail
संहतस्तर्नी f. saMhatastarnI woman whose breasts are very close to each other
संहतवाक्कल adj. saMhatavAkkala singing a duet
संहतवाक्कल adj. saMhatavAkkala joining the tones of the voice
संहतवृत्तोरु adj. saMhatavRttoru one who has round and firm thighs
संहतभ्रूकुटिमुख adj. saMhatabhrUkuTimukha one on whose face the brows are contracted
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