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संनिभ adj. saMnibha similar
संनिभ adj. saMnibha resembling
संनिभ adj. saMnibha like
संनिबद्ध adj. saMnibaddha planted or covered with
संनिबद्ध adj. saMnibaddha firmly bound together or on
संनिबद्ध adj. saMnibaddha dependent on or engrossed by
संनिबद्ध adj. saMnibaddha closely connected with or attached to
संनिबन्ध m. saMnibandha effectiveness
संनिबन्ध m. saMnibandha consequence
संनिबन्ध m. saMnibandha connection
संनिबन्ध m. saMnibandha binding firmly together or on
संनिबन्ध m. saMnibandha tying together
संनिबन्ध m. saMnibandha attachment
संनिबर्हण n. saMnibarhaNa act of overthrowing or subduing
संनिबनिबन्धन n. saMnibanibandhana act of lying firmly or binding fast
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