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संनिपात m. saMnipAta complicated derangement of the three humours or an illness produced by it
संनिपात m. saMnipAta kind of measure
संनिपात m. saMnipAta coincidence
संनिपात m. saMnipAta descent
संनिपात m. saMnipAta sexual intercourse with
संनिपात m. saMnipAta combination
संनिपात m. saMnipAta falling in or down together
संनिपात m. saMnipAta death
संनिपात m. saMnipAta particular manner of wrestling
संनिपात m. saMnipAta collapse
संनिपात m. saMnipAta falling down
संनिपात m. saMnipAta contact or collision with
संनिपात m. saMnipAta mixture
संनिपात m. saMnipAta aggregation
संनिपात m. saMnipAta encounter
संनिपात m. saMnipAta conjunction
संनिपात m. saMnipAta meeting
संनिपात m. saMnipAta particular conjunction of planets
संनिपात m. saMnipAta destruction
संनिपात m. saMnipAta utter collapse
सांनिपातिन् adj. sAMnipAtin meeting
संनिपातिन् adj. saMnipAtin meeting
संनिपातिन् adj. saMnipAtin furthering or promoting immediately
सांनिपातिन् adj. sAMnipAtin falling together
संनिपातिन् adj. saMnipAtin falling together
संनिपात्य adj. saMnipAtya to be caused to fall down
सांनिपात्य adj. sAMnipAtya to be joined or united
संनिपात्य adj. saMnipAtya to be hurled upon
संनिपत्य ind. saMnipatya immediately
संनिपत्य ind. saMnipatya having flown or fallen down
संनिपत्य ind. saMnipatya directly
संनिपातन n. saMnipAtana causing to fall together
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } meet
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } alight
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } descend upon
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } perish
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } appear among or in
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } fall down
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } present one's self
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } arrive
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } fall in with
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } be destroyed
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } fly or
संनिपतति verb saMnipatati { saMnipat } come together
सांनिपातिक adj. sAMnipAtika coming into close contact or conjunction
सांनिपातिक adj. sAMnipAtika coalescing
सांनिपातिक adj. sAMnipAtika complicated
संनिपतित adj. saMnipatita flown or fallen down
संनिपतित adj. saMnipatita descended
संनिपातित adj. saMnipAtita thrown or shot down
संनिपतित adj. saMnipatita assembled
संनिपातित adj. saMnipAtita discharged
संनिपतित adj. saMnipatita arrived
संनिपतित adj. saMnipatita met together
संनिपातित adj. saMnipAtita brought or called together
संनिपतित adj. saMnipatita appeared
संनिपातित ppp. saMnipAtita assembled
संनिपातित ppp. saMnipAtita brought together
संनिपातनुद् m. saMnipAtanud species of Nimba tree
संनिपातनुद् m. saMnipAtanud removing the above fever
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } stretch out to
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } convoke
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } unite
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati bring together
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } discharge
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati assemble
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } join
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } cause to come together
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } shoot down or off
संनिपातयति verb caus. saMnipAtayati { saMnipat } cause to fall down
संनिपातज्वर m. saMnipAtajvara dangerous fever resulting from morbid condition of the three humours
संनिपातनिद्रा f. saMnipAtanidrA trance
संनिपातनिद्रा f. saMnipAtanidrA swoon
संनिपत्यकारिन् adj. saMnipatyakArin acting immediately
सांनिपातिककर्मन् n. sAMnipAtikakarman treatment of the above illness
सांनिपातिककर्मन् n. sAMnipAtikakarman promiscuous
सांनिपातिककर्मन् n. sAMnipAtikakarman miscellaneous
सांनिपातिककर्मन् n. sAMnipAtikakarman collective
संनिपत्योपकारक adj. saMnipatyopakAraka directly effective
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