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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
संरदन n. saMradana corrode [to gnaw away]
संराधना f. saMrAdhanA conciliation
संराधन आयोग m. saMrAdhana Ayoga conciliation commission
संराधन-समिति f. saMrAdhana-samiti conciliation board [Econ.]
संराधन adj. saMrAdhana conciliating
संराधन adj. saMrAdhana satisfying
संराधन n. saMrAdhana shouting
संराधन n. saMrAdhana meditation
संराधन n. saMrAdhana perfect concentration of mind
संराधन n. saMrAdhana act of conciliating or pleasing by worship
संराधन n. saMrAdhana applause