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संस्रव m. saMsrava flowing together
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi union
संसृष्ति f. saMsRSti coalition [pol.]
संश्रय m. saMzraya connection [to]
संश्रयति verb saMzrayati { sam- zri } go for succour to
संश्रयति verb saMzrayati { sam- zri } resort to
संश्रयति verb saMzrayati { sam- zri } betake one's self to
संसृज् f. saMsRj collision
संसृज् f. saMsRj commingling
संसृति f. saMsRti revolution
संसृति f. saMsRti passage through successive states of existence
संसृति f. saMsRti life
संसृति f. saMsRti course of mundane existence
संसृति f. saMsRti world
संसृति f. saMsRti course
संसृति f. saMsRti transmigration
संस्रव m. saMsrava flowing water
संस्रव m. saMsrava chip or piece of anything
संस्रव m. saMsrava remains
संस्राव m. saMsrAva flowing together
संस्रव m. saMsrava any remainder
संस्राव m. saMsrAva remainder of any liquid
संस्राव m. saMsrAva dregs
संस्राव m. saMsrAva accumulation of matter
संस्राव m. saMsrAva kind of offering or libation
संस्राव m. saMsrAva conflux
संस्रव m. saMsrava this blended remainder of liquids
संस्रव m. saMsrava kind of offering or libation
संस्रव m. saMsrava conflux
संस्रव m. saMsrava that which flows together
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa cleanly dressed
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa affected with
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa connected with
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa brought forth or born together
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa gathered together
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa united
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa accomplished
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa combined
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa mixed
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa both good and bad in quality
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa performed
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa collected
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa mingled or mixed with
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa belonging to
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa familiar
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa of various kinds
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa cleared through vomiting
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa involved in
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa associated or connected together
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa created
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa nearly related or acquainted friendly
संसृष्ट n. saMsRSTa intimacy
संसृष्ट n. saMsRSTa near relationship
संसृष्ट n. saMsRSTa friendship
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi association
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi combination
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi assembling
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi collection
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi collecting
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi living together in one family
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi association of two distinct metaphors in close proximity in one sentence
संसृष्टि f. saMsRSTi intercourse
संश्रव adj. saMzrava audible
संश्राव m. saMzrAva listening to
संश्रव m. saMzrava agreement
संश्रव m. saMzrava listening
संश्राव m. saMzrAva hearing
संश्रव m. saMzrava hearing
संश्रव m. saMzrava assent
संश्रव m. saMzrava promise
संश्रय m. saMzraya attachment to
संश्रय m. saMzraya resting place
संश्रय m. saMzraya piece or portion belonging to anything
संश्रय m. saMzraya conjunction
संश्रय m. saMzraya having recourse to
संश्रय m. saMzraya resting or dwelling-place
संश्रय m. saMzraya asylum
संश्रय m. saMzraya resort
संश्रय m. saMzraya object
संश्रय m. saMzraya going or resorting or betaking one's self to any person or place
संश्रय m. saMzraya residence
संश्रय m. saMzraya alliance
संश्रय m. saMzraya association
संश्रय m. saMzraya leaguing together for mutual protection
संश्रय m. saMzraya going for refuge or protection
संश्रय m. saMzraya relationship or reference to
संश्रय m. saMzraya aim
संश्रय m. saMzraya league
संश्रय m. saMzraya devotion to
संश्रय m. saMzraya refuge
संश्रय m. saMzraya combination
संश्रय m. saMzraya home
संश्रय m. saMzraya shelter
संशृङ्गी f. saMzRGgI cow whose horns are bent towards each other
संश्रित adj. saMzrita concerning
संश्रित adj. saMzrita one who has betaken himself to a place
संश्रित adj. saMzrita indulging in
संश्रित adj. saMzrita one who is addicted to
संश्रित adj. saMzrita clung to
संश्रित adj. saMzrita living or dwelling or staying or situated or being in
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