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संस्पर्श m. saMsparza contagion [cf. invasion by an organism, infection]
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza contact
संस्पर्श- आवेजन n. saMsparza- Avejana contact catalysis [Physical Chem.]
वास्तविक संस्पर्श m. vAstavika saMsparza actual contact [Math.]
संस्पर्शा f. saMsparzA kind of fragrant plant or perfume
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza mixture
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza perception
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza sense
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza close or mutual contact
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza touch
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza conjunction
संस्पर्शज adj. saMsparzaja produced by contact or sensible perception
सांस्पर्शक n. sAMsparzaka contact
सांस्पर्शक n. sAMsparzaka touch
संस्पर्शन adj. saMsparzana touching
संस्पर्शन n. saMsparzana contact
संस्पर्शन n. saMsparzana mixture with
संस्पर्शयति verb caus. saMsparzayati { saMspRz } bring into contact
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