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संवर्तक m. saMvartaka world-destroying fire [fires of hell]
संवर्तक adj. saMvartaka rolling up
संवर्तक adj. saMvartaka destroying
सांवर्तक adj. sAMvartaka relating to or appearing at the dissolution of the universe
संवर्तक m. saMvartaka group or class of world-destroying clouds
संवर्तक m. saMvartaka bastard myrobalan tree [Terminalia Belerica - Bot.]
संवर्तक m. saMvartaka end or dissolution of the universe
संवर्तक n. saMvartaka bala-deva's ploughshare
संवर्तकाग्नि m. saMvartakAgni world-destroying fire
संवर्तकल्प m. saMvartakalpa particular period of universal destruction
संवर्तकाभ्र n. saMvartakAbhra clouds at the destruction of the world