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सदसत् adj. sadasat good and bad
सदसत् adj. sadasat real and unreal
सदसत् adj. sadasat being and not being
सदसत् adj. sadasat true and false
सदसत् m. sadasat good and the bad
सदसत् n. sadasat existence and existence
सदसत् n. sadasat true and the false
सदसत् n. sadasat good and evil
सदसत् n. sadasat truth and falsehood
सदसत् n. sadasat what is existent and non-existence
सादसत adj. sAdasata containing the words sat and as/a
सदसत्त्व n. sadasattva existence and non-existence
सदसत्पति m. sadasatpati lord of what is existent and non-existence
सदसत्फल sadasatphala good and evil consequences
सदसत्फलमय adj. sadasatphalamaya consisting of good and evil consequences
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