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सदामद adj. sadAmada always excited with joy
सदामद adj. sadAmada always in rut
सदामद adj. sadAmada always proud
सदामद adj. sadAmada ever-furious
सदामद adj. sadAmada always drunk
सधमाद् m. sadhamAd fellow-reveller
सधमाद् m. sadhamAd comrade or friend in general
सधमद् m. sadhamad drink-companion
सधमाद् m. sadhamAd drink-companion
सधमद् m. sadhamad fellow-reveller
सधमद् m. sadhamad comrade or friend in general
सधमाद m. sadhamAda feast
सधमाद m. sadhamAda companionship
सधमाद m. sadhamAda fellowship
सधमाद m. sadhamAda convivial party
सधमाद m. sadhamAda drinking bout
सधमाद m. sadhamAda drinking together
सधमाद्य adj. sadhamAdya relating to a convivial party or feast
सधमाद्य adj. sadhamAdya convivial
सधमाद्य adj. sadhamAdya festal
सधमाद्य n. sadhamAdya convivial feast
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