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सैन्धव adj. saindhava relating to the sea
सैन्धव adj. saindhava oceanic
सैन्धव adj. saindhava belonging to or produced in or coming from the indus or Sindh
सैन्धव adj. saindhava aquatic
सैन्धव adj. saindhava marine
सैन्धव m. saindhava any salt
सैन्धव m. saindhava king of Sindh
सैन्धव m. saindhava horse
सैन्धव n. saindhava song in Prakrit
सैन्धव n. saindhava kind of rock-salt
सैन्धवक adj. saindhavaka belonging or relating to the saindhavas
सैन्धवक m. saindhavaka miserable inhabitant of sindhu
सैन्धवचूर्ण n. saindhavacUrNa powdered rock-salt
सैन्धवघन m. saindhavaghana lump of salt
सैन्धवारण्य n. saindhavAraNya jungly district of Sindh
सैन्धवखिल्य m. saindhavakhilya lump of salt
सैन्धवसर्पिस् n. saindhavasarpis clarified butter with salt
सैन्धवशिलाशकल n. saindhavazilAzakala morsel of fossil salt
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