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समांस adj. samAMsa fleshy
समांस adj. samAMsa connected or combined with meat
समांस adj. samAMsa containing meat
समांश adj. samAMza containing equal parts
समांश adj. samAMza entitled to or obtaining an equal share
समांश m. samAMza equal share
समांशक adj. samAMzaka obtaining an equal share
समांसमीना f. samAMsamInA cow bearing a calf every year
समांशहारिन् adj. samAMzahArin a co-heir
समांशहारिन् adj. samAMzahArin sharing equally
समांशहारिन् adj. samAMzahArin taking an equal portions
समांशभागिन् adj. samAMzabhAgin sharing in equal portions
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