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समाक्ष adj. samAkSa coaxial [Math.]
समाक्ष adj. samAkSa coaxial [Math.]
समक्षम् indecl. samakSam in one's presence
समक्षाङ्ग n. samakSAGga front end [computer]
समक्षभाग m. samakSabhAga front end [computer]
समक्षक्रिया f. samakSakriyA foreground task [computer]
समाक्ष वृत्त n. samAkSa vRtta coaxial circle [Math.]
समाक्षतन्तु m. samAkSatantu coaxial cable [computer]
समक्षदर्शन n. samakSadarzana autopsy
समक्षदर्शन n. samakSadarzana post mortem
समाक्ष-संहति f. samAkSa-saMhati coaxal system [Math.]
समाक्ष-संहति f. samAkSa-saMhati coaxial system [Techn.]
समक्ष adj. samakSa being within sight or before the eyes
समक्ष adj. samakSa present
समक्ष adj. samakSa visible
सामक्ष n. sAmakSa being before the eyes
समक्षम् ind. samakSam visibly
समक्षम् ind. samakSam before the eyes
समक्षम् ind. samakSam in the sight or presence of
समक्षम् ind. samakSam manifestly
समक्षं indecl. samakSaM in the presence of
समक्षात् ind. samakSAt before the eyes
समक्षात् ind. samakSAt in the sight or presence of
समक्षात् ind. samakSAt manifestly
समक्षात् ind. samakSAt visibly
समाक्षर adj. samAkSara having the same number of syllables
समक्षता f. samakSatA visibility
समक्षतस् ind. samakSatas before the eyes
समक्षतस् ind. samakSatas in the sight or presence of
समक्षतस् ind. samakSatas manifestly
समक्षतस् ind. samakSatas visibly
समक्षदर्शन n. samakSadarzana act of seeing with the eyes
समक्षदर्शन n. samakSadarzana ocular evidence
समाक्षरावकर m. samAkSarAvakara particular samAdhi
समाक्षरपदक्रम adj. samAkSarapadakrama containing a succession of padas or metrical feet of the succession of syllables
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