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समानिति verb 2, 1 samAniti { sam- an } breathe
समानी f. samAnI unite
समानी f. samAnI collect
समानी f. samAnI to cause to be brought together or near
समानी f. samAnI bring near ; to bring home ; to pour together
सामनी f. sAmanI rope or cord for tying cattle
समानी f. samAnI assemble
सामनी f. sAmanI verse containing the word samanas
समानी f. samAnI join
समानी f. samAnI convoke
समानी verb samAnI lead anyone to another
समानी verb samAnI unite one person with another ; to lead towards
शामनी f. zAmanI southern quarter
शमनी f. zamanI night
शमनी f. zamanI calming one
सामानिक adj. sAmAnika of equal rank or dignity with
समनीक n. samanIka war
समनीक n. samanIka battle
समानीत adj. samAnIta conducted
समानीत adj. samAnIta brought together or near
समानीत adj. samAnIta brought
समानीत adj. samAnIta assembled
समानीत adj. samAnIta convoked
समनिति verb samaniti { saman } breathe
समनिति verb samaniti { saman } live
शमनीय adj. zamanIya soothing
शमनीय adj. zamanIya serving for tranquillization
शमनीय adj. zamanIya consolable
शमनीय adj. zamanIya to be tranquillized
शमनीय n. zamanIya sedative
समानितम् ind. samAnitam respectfully
समानितम् ind. samAnitam honourably
संनयति verb saMnayati { samAnI } mingle ; to bring or offer
समानयति verb samAnayati { samAnI } lead or conduct together
समानिचय adj. samAnicaya one who has a store sufficient for a year
शमनीपार m. zamanIpAra particular mode of reciting the Rg-veda on
शमनीषद m. zamanISada evil spirit
शमनीषद m. zamanISada demon
शमनीषद m. zamanISada demon
शमनीषद m. zamanISada night-goer
सामनिधन n. sAmanidhana closing sentence of a sAman
समनीकतस् ind. samanIkatas in battle-array
शमनीचमेध्र m. zamanIcamedhra one whose generative organ hangs down from absence of passion or impotence
समनीकमूर्धन् m. samanIkamUrdhan front of battle-array
समनिन्दानवन adj. samanindAnavana indifferent to blame and praise
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