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समास m. samAsa compound
समास m. samAsa fusion
समासन n. samAsana togetherness
समासजति verb 1 samAsajati { samA- saj + l4oc. +Ac } entrust
समासवन n. samAsavana con-distillation [Chem. (distillation with substances other than steam)]
समसञ्चिका f. samasaJcikA flat file [computer]
समसामयिक adj. samasAmayika synchronous [computer]
समास m. samAsa composition of words
समास m. samAsa connection
समास m. samAsa abiding together
समास m. samAsa succinctness
समास m. samAsa compound word
समास m. samAsa euphonic combination
समास m. samAsa aggregation
समास m. samAsa throwing or putting together
समास m. samAsa conciseness
समास m. samAsa part of a zloka given for completion
समास m. samAsa combination
समास m. samAsa totality
समास m. samAsa condensation
समास m. samAsa particular circle
समास m. samAsa composition of differences
समास m. samAsa union
समास m. samAsa conjunction
समास m. samAsa reconciliation
समाश m. samAza common meal
समाश m. samAza eating
समाश m. samAza meal
समशस् ind. samazas into equal parts
समासम adj. samAsama equal and unequal
समासम adj. samAsama of equal and equal rank
समासन adj. samAsana sitting on even ground
समासन m. samAsana get-together
समासन n. samAsana sitting down
समसन n. samasana anything gathered or collected
समसन n. samasana combination
समासन n. samAsana sitting together with
समसन n. samasana composition
समसन n. samasana contraction
समसन n. samasana act of throwing or putting together
समशन n. samazana eating in general
समशन n. samazana eating promiscuously
समशन n. samazana eating together
शमशम adj. zamazama enjoying perpetual tranquillity
समासङ्ग m. samAsaGga committing or entrusting to any one
समासाङ्ग n. samAsAGga member or part of a compound word
समासक्त adj. samAsakta attained
समासक्त adj. samAsakta devoted to occupied with
समासक्त adj. samAsakta relating to
समासक्त adj. samAsakta combined
समासक्त adj. samAsakta harnessed with
समासक्त adj. samAsakta stopped
समासक्त adj. samAsakta committed or entrusted to
समासक्त adj. samAsakta intent upon
समासक्त adj. samAsakta affected by
समासक्त adj. samAsakta suspended
समासक्त adj. samAsakta concerning
समासक्त adj. samAsakta joined
समासक्त adj. samAsakta attached to or fixed upon
समासक्त adj. samAsakta united
समासक्त adj. samAsakta dependent on
समासक्त adj. samAsakta reached
समासक्ति f. samAsakti attachment
समासक्ति f. samAsakti devotion
समासक्ति f. samAsakti sticking or adhering closely to
समसनाद् adj. samasanAd eating collected food
समासन्न adj. samAsanna reached
समासन्न adj. samAsanna attained
समासन्न adj. samAsanna close to
समासन्न adj. samAsanna near
समासन्न adj. samAsanna proximate
समासन्न adj. samAsanna approached
समासान्त m. samAsAnta suffix at the end of a compound belonging to the whole of it
समासतः adverb samAsataH succinctly
समासतस् ind. samAsatas concisely
समासतस् ind. samAsatas in a summary manner
समासतस् ind. samAsatas succinctly
समासत्ति f. samAsatti vicinity
समासत्ति f. samAsatti nearness
समासवत् adj. samAsavat abridged
समासवत् adj. samAsavat compounded
समासवत् adj. samAsavat contracted
समासवत् adj. samAsavat possessing compounds
समासवत् m. samAsavat red cedar [Cedrela Toona - Bot.]
सामशब्द m. sAmazabda sound of a chanted sAma
समशङ्कु m. samazaGku sun's gnomon i.e. altitude when it reaches the prime vertical circle
समशशिन् m. samazazin moon with equal horns
समासादन n. samAsAdana attaining
समासादन n. samAsAdana effecting
समासादन n. samAsAdana meeting with
समासादन n. samAsAdana accomplishing
समासादन n. samAsAdana act or approaching
सामसाध्य adj. sAmasAdhya to be accomplished in a conciliatory or peaceable way
समासजति verb samAsajati { samAsaJj } impose
समासजति verb samAsajati { samAsaJj } join or attach to
समासजति verb samAsajati { samAsaJj } fasten or stick together
समासजति verb samAsajati { samAsaJj } resign or deliver over to
समासजति verb samAsajati { samAsaJj } fix or place on
समासजति verb samAsajati { samAsaJj } wrap or suspend round
समासजति verb 1 samAsajati { samA- saJj } stick together
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