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समुदाय m. samudAya accumulation
समुदाहरति verb 1 samudAharati { samudA- hR } address
ग्राम-समुदाय m. grAma-samudAya village community
समूढ adj. samUDha regularly arranged
समूढ adj. samUDha restored to order
समूढ adj. samUDha brought together
समूढ adj. samUDha swept or pressed together
समूढ adj. samUDha collected
समूढ adj. samUDha tamed
समूढ adj. samUDha purified
समूढ adj. samUDha united
समुदति verb 7,6 samudati { sam- ud } moisten [bewet]
समुदाय m samudAya whole
समुदय m. samudaya day
समुदाय m. samudAya totality
समुदय m. samudaya aggregate of the constituent elements or factors of any being or existence
समुदाय m. samudAya mass
समुदाय m. samudAya collection
समुदय m. samudaya assemblage
समुदय m. samudaya rising
समुदाय m. samudAya particular nakSatra
समुदय m. samudaya aggregation
समुदाय m. samudAya multitude
समुदय m. samudaya combination
समुदय m. samudaya multitude
समुदय m. samudaya success
समुदय m. samudaya producing cause
समुदाय m. samudAya cluster
समुदय m. samudaya union
समुदाय m. samudAya combination
समुदय m. samudaya income
समुदय m. samudaya war
समुदय m. samudaya battle
समुदय m. samudaya collection
समुदय m. samudaya prosperity
समुदय m. samudaya coming together
समुदय m. samudaya revenue
समुदाय m. samudAya war
समुदय m. samudaya aggregate
समुदाय m. samudAya battle
समुदय m. samudaya junction
समुदाय m. samudAya rear or reserve of an army
समुदय n. samudaya auspicious moment
समूदक्त adj. samUdakta raised up
समूदक्त adj. samUdakta thrown up
समूदक्त adj. samUdakta lifted up
समुदन्त adj. samudanta about to overflow
समुदन्त adj. samudanta rising above the edge
समुदस्त adj. samudasta drawn or raised from a deep place
समुदायिन् adj. samudAyin combining
समुदायिन् adj. samudAyin forming an aggregate
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra motive
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra salutation
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra design
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra offering
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra entertainment
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra preset station
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra intention
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra proper or right practice or usage or conduct or behaviour
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra intercourse with
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra purpose
समुदाचार m. samudAcAra address
समुदागम m. samudAgama full or complete knowledge
समुदागत adj. samudAgata excelling in
समुदागत adj. samudAgata one who has attained full knowledge
समुदाहार m. samudAhAra conversation
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta named
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta called
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta stated
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta declared
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta talked about
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta illustrated
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta talked to
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta mentioned as
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta addressed
समुदानय m. samudAnaya attain
समुदानय m. samudAnaya bringing about
समुदानय m. samudAnaya bringing together
समुदानय m. samudAnaya accomplishment
समुदानय m. samudAnaya perfection
समुदानय m. samudAnaya assembly
समुदानय m. samudAnaya to collect ; to bring about
समुदानित adj. samudAnita attained
सामुदायिक adj. sAmudAyika belonging to a multitude or assemblage
सामुदायिक adj. sAmudAyika collective
सामुदायिक n. sAmudAyika eighteenth nakSatra after that in which the moon was situated at the birth of a child
समुदाचारिन् adj. samudAcArin accosting
समुदाचारिन् adj. samudAcArin addressing
समुदञ्चति verb samudaJcati { samudaJc } rise
समुदञ्चति verb samudaJcati { samudaJc } begin
समुदञ्चति verb samudaJcati { samudaJc } come near
समुदञ्चति verb samudaJcati { samudaJc } draw up
समुदाचरते verb samudAcarate { samudAcar } move or travel about
समुदाचरति verb samudAcarati { samudAcar } do
समुदाचरति verb samudAcarati { samudAcar } practise
समुदाचरति verb samudAcarati { samudAcar } accomplish
समुदाचरति verb samudAcarati { samudAcar } speak to
समुदाचरति verb samudAcarati { samudAcar } act towards
समुदाचरति verb samudAcarati { samudAcar } treat
समुदाचरति verb samudAcarati { samudAcar } address
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