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समष्टि f. samaSTi aggregate
समष्टि f. samaSTi receipt
समष्टि f. samaSTi collectiveness
समष्टि f. samaSTi reception
समष्टि f. samaSTi conclusion
समष्टि f. samaSTi totality
समष्टि f. samaSTi attaining
समष्टि f. samaSTi end
समष्टि f. samaSTi attainment
समष्टि f. samaSTi reaching
समष्टि f. samaSTi collective existence
समस्ति verb samasti { samas } equal
समस्ति verb samasti { samas } exist
समस्ति verb samasti { samas } be
समस्ति verb samasti { samas } be like
समस्ति verb samasti { samas } be united with
सामस्तिक adj. sAmastika relating to the above
समष्टिता f. samaSTitA state of an aggregate
समष्ठिला f. samaSThilA kind of culinary herb or cucumber
समष्ठिल m. samaSThila kind of shrub
समास्थित adj. samAsthita persevering in
समास्थित adj. samAsthita intent upon
समास्थित adj. samAsthita standing or sitting upon
समास्थित adj. samAsthita occupied with
समास्थित adj. samAsthita one who has entered upon or submitted to
समास्थित adj. samAsthita one who has had recourse to
समास्थित adj. samAsthita engaged in
समस्थिति f. samasthiti Mountain Pose [Yoga Pose]
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