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समवेत adj. samaveta come to
समवेत adj. samaveta come together
समवेत adj. samaveta contained or comprised or inherent in
समवेत adj. samaveta all
समवेत adj. samaveta met
समवेत adj. samaveta closely connected with
समवेत adj. samaveta united
समवेत ppp. samaveta approached
समवेत ppp. samaveta assembled
समवेत adj. samaveta collective
समवेतत्व n. samavetatva state of being intimately related or connected
समवेतार्थ adj. samavetArtha containing a meaning
समवेतार्थ adj. samavetArtha instructive
समवेतार्थ adj. samavetArtha significant
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