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संवर्णित adj. saMvarNita sanctioned
प्रमाणदृष्ट adj. pramANadRSTa sanctioned by authority
अश्रौत adj. azrauta not sanctioned by the Vedas
असाम्प्रदायिक adj. asAmpradAyika not sanctioned by tradition
मन्तव्य adj. mantavya to be approved or sanctioned
क्रम m. krama rule sanctioned by tradition
प्राचीनमत n. prAcInamata belief sanctioned by antiquity
गार्ध्रपृष्ट gArdhrapRSTa kind of death not sanctioned by the jainas
वेददृष्ट adj. vedadRSTa approved or sanctioned by the veda or Vedic ritual
स्मार्त adj. smArta prescribed or sanctioned by traditional law or usage
शब्दहीन n. zabdahIna use of a word in a form or meaning not sanctioned by standard authors
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