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सन्धिन् m. sandhin state secretary
सन्धिन् m. sandhin Secretary of State [amer.]
सन्धिन् m. sandhin minister of foreign affairs
सन्धिन् m. sandhin foreign minister
सन्धिन् m. sandhin foreign secretary
सन्धिं करोति verb 8 sandhiM karoti { kR } clear up
सन्धिं करोति verb 8 sandhiM karoti { kR } correct
सन्धिं करोति verb 8 sandhiM karoti { kR } settle
सन्धिन् m. sandhin minister of alliances
सन्दीन adj. sandIna greatly depressed or afflicted
सण्डीन n. saNDIna flying together
सन्धिनी f. sandhinI cow in heat
सन्धिनी f. sandhinI cow milked unseasonably or every second day
सन्धिनी f. sandhinI cow which has just taken the bull
सन्धिनाल n. sandhinAla one of the ingredient of the Mosaic incense [Unguis Odoratus - Bot.]
सण्डीनोड्डीन n. saNDInoDDIna particular mode of flight
सन्धिनीक्षीर n. sandhinIkSIra milk of a cow in heat
सन्धिं बन्धति verb sandhiM bandhati conclude peace
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