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सान्ध्य adj. sAndhya evening...
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA twilight
सन्ध्यासमये ind. sandhyAsamaye in the evening
सन्ध्या भोजन n. sandhyA bhojana dinner
सान्ध्य adj. sAndhya vespertine
सान्ध्य adj. sAndhya relating to the morning twilight or dawn
सान्ध्य adj. sAndhya produced by coalescence
सन्ध्य adj. sandhya being on the point of junction
सान्ध्य adj. sAndhya relating to the evening twilight
सन्ध्य adj. sandhya based on sandhi or euphonic combination
सन्ध्य adj. sandhya thinking about
सन्ध्य adj. sandhya reflecting
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA meeting of day and night
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA juncture of day and night
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA promise
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA boundary
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA morning or evening twilight
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA twilight
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA juncture
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA union
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA meditation
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA junction
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA period which precedes a yuga or age of the world
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA thinking about
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA girl one year old representing the goddess sandhyA at the durgA festival
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA limit
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA reflection
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA holding together
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA particular flower
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA assent
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA juncture of the three divisions of the day
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA morning twilight
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA deity presiding over the three divisions of the day
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA next
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA religious acts performed by Brahmans and twice-born men at the above three divisions of the day
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA agreement
षाण्ढ्य n. SANDhya state of being a eunuch
षाण्ढ्य n. SANDhya impotence
सन्द्यति verb sandyati { saMdA } tie
सन्द्यति verb sandyati { saMdA } cut together
सन्द्यति verb sandyati { saMdA } divide
सन्द्यति verb sandyati { saMdA } fasten together
सन्द्यति verb sandyati { saMdA } bind together
सन्द्यति verb sandyati { saMdA } gather by or after cutting
सन्द्यति verb sandyati { saMdA } cut
सन्ध्यातृ adj. sandhyAtR one who binds
सन्ध्यातृ adj. sandhyAtR one who reflects or meditates
सन्ध्यांस adj. sandhyAMsa having the morning and evening twilight for shoulders
सन्ध्यांश m. sandhyAMza evening twilight
सन्ध्यांश m. sandhyAMza period at the end of each yuga
सन्ध्यांश m. sandhyAMza portion of twilight
सन्ध्यांशु m. sandhyAMzu twilight-ray
सन्ध्यांशु m. sandhyAMzu twilight
सन्ध्यात्व n. sandhyAtva time for devotional exercises
सन्ध्यात्व n. sandhyAtva state of twilight
सन्ध्याबल m. sandhyAbala strong during twilight
सन्ध्याबलि m. sandhyAbali evening or twilight oblation
सन्ध्याबलि m. sandhyAbali bull in a temple of ziva
सन्ध्याभ्र n. sandhyAbhra sort of red chalk
सन्ध्याचल m. sandhyAcala twilight-mountain
सन्ध्याकाल m. sandhyAkAla interval of a yuga
सन्ध्याकाल m. sandhyAkAla evening-time
सन्ध्याकाल m. sandhyAkAla twilight-time
सन्ध्यामय adj. sandhyAmaya consisting of twilight
सन्ध्याराग adj. sandhyArAga having the colour of twilight
सन्ध्याराग m. sandhyArAga red glow of twilight
सन्ध्याराग n. sandhyArAga red-lead
सन्ध्याराम m. sandhyArAma delighting in the sandhyA
सन्ध्यायते verb sandhyAyate { saMdhyAya } resemble twilight
सन्ध्यायति verb sandhyAyati { saMdhyai } reflect or meditate on
सन्ध्यायति verb sandhyAyati { saMdhyai } think about
सन्ध्याकार्य n. sandhyAkArya morning or evening devotional acts
सन्ध्यक्षर n. sandhyakSara compound vowel
सन्ध्यक्षर n. sandhyakSara diphthong
सन्ध्यांशक m. sandhyAMzaka portion of twilight
सन्ध्यांशक m. sandhyAMzaka period at the end of each yuga
सन्ध्यानाटिन् m. sandhyAnATin dancing at evening twilight
सन्ध्यापात्र n. sandhyApAtra vessel used for pouring out water in performing the sandhyA ceremonies
सन्ध्यापुष्पी f. sandhyApuSpI nutmeg
सन्ध्यापुष्पी f. sandhyApuSpI royal jasmine [Jasminum grandiflorum - Bot.]
सन्ध्यात्रय n. sandhyAtraya 3 divisions or periods of the day
सन्ध्यध्याय m. sandhyadhyAya adhyAya or chapter on sandhi
सन्ध्याकालिक adj. sandhyAkAlika vespertine
सन्ध्याकालिक adj. sandhyAkAlika belonging to twilight-time
सान्ध्यकुसुमा f. sAndhyakusumA rose mallow [Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis - Bot.]
सन्ध्यापयोद m. sandhyApayoda twilight rain-cloud
सन्ध्यासमय m. sandhyAsamaya twilight-period
सन्ध्यासमय m. sandhyAsamaya portion of each yuga
सन्ध्याशङ्ख m. sandhyAzaGkha evening conch-shell
सान्ध्यभोजन n. sAndhyabhojana evening meal
सन्ध्यामङ्गल n. sandhyAmaGgala auspicious sandhyA service
सन्ध्यावन्दन n. sandhyAvandana morning and evening hymns and acts of worship
सन्ध्याशङ्खध्वनि m. sandhyAzaGkhadhvani sound made with it
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