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शपथा f. zapathA oath
शपथ m. zapatha swear
शपथपत्र n. zapathapatra affidavit
शपतम् करोति verb zapatam karoti swear an oath
सपाट m. sapATa plain surface
शापता f. zApatA being under a curse
शपत m. zapata curse
शपथ m. zapatha ordeal
शपथ m. zapatha oath
शपथ m. zapatha reviling
शपथ m. zapatha anathema
शपथ m. zapatha scolding
शपथ m. zapatha curse
शपथ m. zapatha vow
शपथ m. zapatha imprecation
सपताक adj. sapatAka furnished with flags or banners
सपटहम् ind. sapaTaham with the sound of a drum
शपथपत्र n. zapathapatra written testimony under oath
शपथकरण n. zapathakaraNa swearing or taking an oath
शपथपत्त्र n. zapathapattra written testimony on oath or affidavit
शपथयावन adj. zapathayAvana averting a curse
शपथयोपन adj. zapathayopana warding off or nullifying a curse
शपतं शपति verb 1 zapataM zapati { zap } swear
शपथजम्भन adj. zapathajambhana nullifying a curse
शपथपूर्वकम् ind. zapathapUrvakam with oaths
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