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सपत्नी f. sapatnI female rival
सपत्नी f. sapatnI woman who has the same husband with another woman or whose husband has other wives
सपत्नी f. sapatnI rival wife
सपत्नी f. sapatnI fellow-wife or mistress
सपत्नीक adj. sapatnIka accompanied with a wife or wives
सपत्नीतस् ind. sapatnItas from a rival wife
सपत्नीत्व n. sapatnItva state of a woman whose husband has other wives
सपत्नीजन m. sapatnIjana fellow-wives
सपत्नीकृत adj. sapatnIkRta made a rival
सपत्नीपुत्र m. sapatnIputra son of a rival wife
सपत्नीदुहितृ f. sapatnIduhitR daughter of a rival wife
सपत्नीबाधन n. sapatnIbAdhana overcoming rivals or co-wives
सपत्नीस्पर्धा f. sapatnIspardhA rivalry among co-wives
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