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सारग adj. sAraga powerful
सराग adj. sarAga enamoured
सराग adj. sarAga passionate
सराग adj. sarAga charming
सारग adj. sAraga strong
सराग adj. sarAga lovely
सारग adj. sAraga robust
सराग adj. sarAga impassioned
सराग adj. sarAga reddened
सराग adj. sarAga having colour
सरघ् f. saragh bee
सरागम् adverb sarAgam passionately
सारघ adj. sAragha coming or derived from the bee
सरघा f. saraghA Indian beech tree [Pongamia Glabra - Bot.]
सारघ m. sAragha bee
सारघ n. sAragha honey
सरागता f. sarAgatA passion
सरागता f. sarAgatA love
सरागता f. sarAgatA impassioned
सरागता f. sarAgatA being coloured or flushed with passion
सरागता f. sarAgatA redness
सारगुण m. sAraguNa any chief or principal virtue
सारगुरु adj. sAraguru heavy with weight
शराग्र्य m. zarAgrya excellent arrow
सारगात्र adj. sAragAtra strong-limbed
सरागत्व n. sarAgatva impassioned
सरागत्व n. sarAgatva being coloured or flushed with passion
सरागत्व n. sarAgatva redness
सरागत्व n. sarAgatva passion
सरागत्व n. sarAgatva love
सारग्रीव m. sAragrIva strong-necked
शराघात m. zarAghAta arrow-shot
शरघात m. zaraghAta arrow-shot
शरगुल्म m. zaragulma clump of reeds
सारगन्ध m. sAragandha having perfection of scent
सारगन्ध m. sAragandha sandal-wood
सरागेन्त्र adj. sarAgentra red-eyed
सारग्राहिन् adj. sAragrAhin capable of extracting or apprehending the essence or best part of anything
शरगोचर m. zaragocara range of an arrow
सारागवस्त्र adj. sArAgavastra wearing red garments
शराग्निपरिमाण n. zarAgniparimANa aggregate of thirty-five
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