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सरमा f. saramA name of mythical female dog [God Indra]
सरमा f. saramA female dog in general
सरमा f. saramA fleet one
सरमा f. saramA bitch
शरम m. zarama young elephant
सारमय adj. sAramaya consisting of the chief or best part of anything
सारमय adj. sAramaya exceedingly firm or solid
शरमय adj. zaramaya consisting or made of reeds
सारमहत् adj. sAramahat very precious or valuable
शरमल्ल m. zaramalla kind of bird
शरमल्ल m. zaramalla archer
शरमल्ल m. zaramalla arrow-fighter
सारमार्गण n. sAramArgaNa marrow
सारमार्गण n. sAramArgaNa searching for pith
सरमात्मज m. saramAtmaja dog
सरमात्मज m. saramAtmaja son of saramA
शरमरीचिमत् adj. zaramarIcimat having arrow's for rays
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