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सरूप n. sarUpa prototype [computer]
सारूप्य n. sArUpya justification [computer]
सरूपनिर्माण n. sarUpanirmANa prototyping [computer]
दक्षिणेन सारूप्य n. dakSiNena sArUpya right justification [computer]
वामेतरेण सारूप्य n. vAmetareNa sArUpya right justification [computer]
सरु adj. saru thin
सरु adj. saru fine
सरु adj. saru minute
सरु m. saru hilt or handle of a sword
शरु f. zaru missile
शरु m. zaru anger
शरु m. zaru partridge
शरु m. zaru any missile weapon
शरु m. zaru passion
शरु m. zaru arrow
शरु m. zaru dart
सरुच् adj. saruc magnificent
सरुच् adj. saruc possessing splendour splendid
सरुज् adj. saruj feeling the same pain
सरुज् adj. saruj ill
सरुज् adj. saruj sick
सरुज् adj. saruj suffering pain
सरुष् adj. saruS angry
सरुष् adj. saruS enraged
सरुज adj. saruja causing it
सरुज adj. saruja diseased
सरुज adj. saruja having pain
सरुज adj. saruja ill
सरुज adj. saruja suffering pain or sickness
सरूप adj. sarUpa shapely formed
सरूप adj. sarUpa consonant
सरूप adj. sarUpa having the same sound identical in sound
सरूप adj. sarUpa similar
सरूप adj. sarUpa embodied
सरूप adj. sarUpa like
सरूप adj. sarUpa uniform
सरूप adj. sarUpa handsome
सरूप adj. sarUpa having shape or form
सरूप adj. sarUpa resembling
सरूप adj. sarUpa beautiful
सरूप adj. sarUpa having the same shape or form
सरूप m. sarUpa particular mythical being
शारुक adj. zAruka one who injures or destroys
शारुक adj. zAruka injurious
शारुक adj. zAruka mischievous
सरूपिन् adj. sarUpin equally shaped or formed
सारूप्य adj. sArUpya proper
सारूप्य adj. sArUpya seasonable
सारूप्य adj. sArUpya fit
सारूप्य adj. sArUpya suitable
सारूप्य n. sArUpya mistake caused by the mutual resemblance of two persons
सारूप्य n. sArUpya identity of appearance
सारूप्य n. sArUpya likeness
सारूप्य n. sArUpya assimilation to or conformity with the deity
सारूप्य n. sArUpya sameness or similarity of form
सारूप्य n. sArUpya resemblance
सारूप्य n. sArUpya conformity with
सारूप्य n. sArUpya sameness in form
सारूप्य n. sArUpya similarity of form
शरुमत् adj. zarumat armed with missiles
सरूपता f. sarUpatA identity of form
सरूपता f. sarUpatA likeness
सरूपता f. sarUpatA resemblance to
सरूपता f. sarUpatA assimilation to the deity
सरुधिर adj. sarudhira bloody
सरुजत्व n. sarujatva illness
सरुजत्व n. sarujatva sickness
सरूपकृत् adj. sarUpakRt producing the same form or colour
सरूपत्व n. sarUpatva assimilation to the deity
सरूपत्व n. sarUpatva entity of form
सरूपत्व n. sarUpatva likeness
सरूपत्व n. sarUpatva resemblance to
सारूप्यता f. sArUpyatA resemblance
सारूप्यता f. sArUpyatA likeness
सरुद्भव sarudbhava lotus
सरूपयति verb sarUpayati { sarUpaya } make equal in form
सारूप्यतस् ind. sArUpyatas in consequence of similarity of form
सरूपवत्सा f. sarUpavatsA cow with a calf of the same colour
सारूपवत्स n. sArUpavatsa milk from a cow that has a calf of the same colour
सारुन्धतिक adj. sArundhatika together with arundhatI
सरुधिरमूत्र adj. sarudhiramUtra discharging bloody urine
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