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सौगन्धिक adj. saugandhika balsamic [nice-smelling]
सौगन्धिक adj. saugandhika balmy [nice-smelling]
सौगन्धिक adj. saugandhika balsamous [nice-smelling]
सौगन्धिक adj. saugandhika sweet-scented
सौगन्धिक adj. saugandhika fragrant
सौगन्धिक m. saugandhika kind of worm infesting the bowels
सौगन्धिक m. saugandhika dealer in perfumes
सौगन्धिक m. saugandhika sexually weak man
सौगन्धिक m. saugandhika sulphur
सौगन्धिक n. saugandhika kind of basil
सौगन्धिक n. saugandhika white or blue water-lily
सौगन्धिक n. saugandhika ruby
सौगन्धिक n. saugandhika kind of fragrant grass
सौगन्धिक n. saugandhika kind of unguent
सौगन्धिकवन n. saugandhikavana thick cluster of water-lilies
सौगन्धिकाहरण n. saugandhikAharaNa fetching white water-lilies
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