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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
भवान् कथम् रक्षितः ? sent. bhavAn katham rakSitaH ? How have you been saved?
प्रतिमोचित adj. pratimocita saved
परित्रात adj. paritrAta saved
रक्षित adj. rakSita saved
स्पृत adj. spRta saved
विधृत adj. vidhRta saved
निस्तीर्ण adj. nistIrNa saved
सन्तारित adj. santArita saved
तारित ppp. tArita saved
प्ररक्षित adj. prarakSita saved from
पतितोत्थित adj. patitotthita sunk and saved
सन्तीर्ण adj. santIrNa saved or escaped from
व्योमन् adj. vyoman one who cannot be saved
परितारणीय adj. paritAraNIya to be delivered or saved
कृताभय adj. kRtAbhaya saved from danger or fear
प्राणराज्यद adj. prANarAjyada one who has saved life and throne
परित्रातव्य adj. paritrAtavya to be protected or defended or saved from
निर्मुक्त adj. nirmukta liberated or saved or escaped or free from
शेष m.n. zeSa that which is saved or spared or allowed to escape