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सव्य adj. savya contrary
सव्य adj. savya right
साव्य adj. sAvya composed by savya
सव्य adj. savya left
सव्य adj. savya right hand
सव्य adj. savya left hand
सव्य adj. savya south
सव्य adj. savya opposite to left
सव्य adj. savya southern
सव्य adj. savya backward
सव्य adj. savya reverse
सव्य m. savya left arm or hand
सव्य m. savya left foot
सव्य m. savya one of the ten ways in which an eclipse takes place
सव्य m. savya fire lighted at a person's death
सव्य n. savya sacred thread worn over the left shoulder
शव्य n. zavya cremation of a corpse
शव्य n. zavya funeral
सव्याज adj. savyAja artful
सव्याज adj. savyAja deceitful
सव्याज adj. savyAja false
सव्याज adj. savyAja fraudulent
सव्यध adj. savyadha having cuts or wounds
सव्याधि adj. savyAdhi seized with illness
सव्याधि adj. savyAdhi sick
सव्यतस् ind. savyatas from or on the left side
सव्यतस् ind. savyatas on the right side
सव्यथ adj. savyatha afflicted
सव्यथ adj. savyatha feeling pain
सव्यथ adj. savyatha grieved
सव्यथ adj. savyatha sorrowful
सव्यावृत् adj. savyAvRt with a turn to the left
सव्यबाहु n. savyabAhu mode of fighting with the left arm
सव्याहृति adj. savyAhRti accompanied with the three vyAhRtis
सव्याहृति adj. savyAhRti having a fault or flaw
सव्यजन adj. savyajana with fanning
सव्यजानु n. savyajAnu mode of tighting
सव्यानत n. savyAnata bending to left
सव्यानत n. savyAnata particular mode of fighting
सव्यापार adj. savyApAra having an employment
सव्यापार adj. savyApAra occupied
सव्यापार adj. savyApAra busily engaged
सव्यष्ठा m. savyaSThA warrior standing on the left side
सव्याधर adj. savyAdhara having the left undermost
सव्यञ्जन adj. savyaJjana joined with a consonants
सव्यञ्जन adj. savyaJjana with consonants
सव्यपेक्ष adj. savyapekSa presupposing
सव्यपेक्ष adj. savyapekSa requiring
सव्यपेक्ष adj. savyapekSa dependent on or connected with
सव्यसाचिन् adj. savyasAcin ambidexterous
सव्यसाचिन् adj. savyasAcin drawing with the left hand
सव्यसाचिन् m. savyasAcin Arjuna tree [Terminalia Arjuna - Bot. ]
सव्यावृत्त adj. savyAvRtta turned to the left
सव्यायुग्य m. savyAyugya left yoke-horse
सव्याशून्य adj. savyAzUnya not loosened on the left
सव्याप्रष्टि m. savyApraSTi horse harnessed on the left side of the yoke-horses
सव्यभिचार m. savyabhicAra argument wide of the mark or incompatible with the conclusion drawn from it
सव्यभिचार m. savyabhicAra too general middle term
सव्यभिचार m. savyabhicAra allegation proving too much
सव्यापसव्य adj. savyApasavya left and right
सव्यापसव्य adj. savyApasavya reverse and direct
सव्यापसव्य adj. savyApasavya wrong and right
सव्यपत्रप adj. savyapatrapa abashed
सव्यपत्रप adj. savyapatrapa ashamed
सव्यपत्रप adj. savyapatrapa bashful
सव्यभिचरण adj. savyabhicaraNa possibly inexact or false
सव्यभिचरण adj. savyabhicaraNa liable to inaccuracy
सव्यभिचरण adj. savyabhicaraNa not absolutely exact or certain
सव्याहृतिव्रण adj. savyAhRtivraNa sore
सव्याहृतिव्रण adj. savyAhRtivraNa wounded
सव्याहृतिव्रण adj. savyAhRtivraNa having a wound
सव्यपादलेखा f. savyapAdalekhA outline or impression of the left foot
सव्यापग्राहण adj. savyApagrAhaNa that which is laid aside or to rest on the left
सव्यष्टृसारथि m. savyaSTRsArathi two warriors standing on the left and right side
सव्याहृतिप्रणवक adj. savyAhRtipraNavaka with the above and the syllable Om
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