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विरल adj. virala scarcely found
कथम् अपि ind. katham api scarcely a little
कृच्छ्रशस् ind. kRcchrazas scarcely
कृच्छ्रेण ind. kRcchreNa scarcely
दभ्रम् ind. dabhram scarcely
दुःखम् ind. duHkham scarcely
कथञ्चित् ind. kathaJcit scarcely
लक्ष्यालक्ष्य adj. lakSyAlakSya scarcely visible
सूक्ष्मतम adj. sUkSmatama scarcely audible
सूक्ष्मतर adj. sUkSmatara scarcely audible
आलक्ष्य adj. AlakSya scarcely visible
आलक्ष्य adj. AlakSya scarcely visible
असम्बाधा adj. asambAdhA scarcely frequented
असम्बाध adj. asambAdha scarcely frequented
सन्नकण्ठ adj. sannakaNTha scarcely able to articulate
अरुन्धती f. arundhatI little and scarcely visible star Alcor
सिनीवाली f. sinIvAlI first day of new moon when it rises with a scarcely visible crescent
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