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वैज्ञानिक adj. vaijJAnika scientific
वैज्ञानिकाङ्कनपद्धति f. vaijJAnikAGkanapaddhati scientific notation [computer]
वैज्ञानिकसङ्केतपद्धति f. vaijJAnikasaGketapaddhati scientific notation [computer]
शास्त्रितार्थ m. zAstritArtha scientifically treated subject
शास्त्रदृष्ट adj. zAstradRSTa scientific
तन्त्र n. tantra scientific work
शास्त्र n. zAstra scientific treatise
रसयोग m. rasayoga scientifically mixed juices
तान्त्रिक adj. tAntrika taught in a scientific manual
तन्त्र n. tantra chapter of a scientific treatise
तन्त्रकार m. tantrakAra author of any scientific treatise
सिद्धान्तिन् m. siddhAntin one learned in scientific text-books
शास्त्र n. zAstra any religious or scientific treatise
नानाशास्त्र nAnAzAstra different sciences or scientific works
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta any fixed or established or canonical text-book or received scientific treatise on any subject
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