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विहित ppp. vihita prescribed by the scriptures
पारायणं करोति verb 8 pArAyaNaM karoti { kR } reading a scripture from beginning to end
शास्त्र n. zAstra scripture
प्रमाणशास्त्र n. pramANazAstra scripture
लेख्यपत्त्र n. lekhyapattra scripture
अक्षरसंस्थान n. akSarasaMsthAna scripture
लिखित n. likhita scripture
शासन n. zAsana scripture
अयथाशास्त्रकारिन् adj. ayathAzAstrakArin not acting in accordance with the scripture
उदान m. udAna one of the 9 divisions of sacred scriptures
शिक्षाक्षर n. zikSAkSara sound pronounced according to the rules specified in the scriptures
पाठक m. pAThaka Pandit who declares what is the law or custom according to the scriptures
जप m. japa repeating in a murmuring tone passages from scripture or charms or names of a deity
ग्रन्थ m. grantha book or sacred scriptures of the Sikhs containing short moral poems by Nanak Shah and others
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