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निरीक्षण n. nirIkSaNa searching
निरूपण n. nirUpaNa searching
अनुसन्धानिन् adj. anusandhAnin searching
अन्वेषणा adj. anveSaNA searching
विचिचित् adj. vicicit searching
अन्वेषक adj. anveSaka searching
गवेषिन् adj. gaveSin searching
अन्वेषिन् adj. anveSin searching
अन्वेष्टृ adj. anveSTR searching
ग्राहिन् adj. grAhin searching
अन्वेषण f.n. anveSaNa searching
अन्वेष m. anveSa searching
परिमार्गण n. parimArgaNa searching
अन्वीक्षण n. anvIkSaNa searching
अनुसन्धान n. anusandhAna searching
ढुण्ढन n. DhuNDhana searching
मार्गण n. mArgaNa searching
विकर्षण n. vikarSaNa searching
अन्वेषण n. anveSaNa searching
अभिमार्गणा f. abhimArgaNA searching out
पर्येष्टि f. paryeSTi searching for
गवेषण n. gaveSaNa searching for
अनुसन्धान n. anusandhAna searching into
परिमार्ग m. parimArga searching about
अन्वेषण n. anveSaNa searching after
गोविन्दु adj. govindu searching for milk
सारमार्गण n. sAramArgaNa searching for pith
विचिचीषा f. vicicISA desire of searching
सम्परिमार्गण n. samparimArgaNa searching about for
छिद्रान्वेषण n. chidrAnveSaNa searching for faults
मार्गैषिन् adj. mArgaiSin searching for a road or path
विशेषार्थिता f. vizeSArthitA searching for something better
वनग्राहिन् m. vanagrAhin occupying or searching a forest
समन्वेषण n. samanveSaNa searching or seeking everywhere
मार्गण n. mArgaNa act of seeking or searching for
विशेषार्थिन् adj. vizeSArthin particular in searching for anything
ह्रासान्वेषणवत् adj. hrAsAnveSaNavat connected with diminution and searching
दगर्गल n. dagargala examining the soil in searching for wells or rules for doing so
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