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सः बालकौ वाहने उपावेशयत् sent. saH bAlakau vAhane upAvezayat He seated the two children in the vehicle.
निषण्ण adj. niSaNNa seated
उपवेशित adj. upavezita seated
विष्टरभाज् adj. viSTarabhAj seated
निषण्णक adj. niSaNNaka seated
समुपविष्ट adj. samupaviSTa seated
आसित adj. Asita seated
उपविष्ट adj. upaviSTa seated
निषत्त adj. niSatta seated
आसीन adj. AsIna seated
संनिषण्ण adj. saMniSaNNa seated
सत्त adj. satta seated
न्याषत्त adj. nyASatta seated on
समास्ते verb samAste { samAs } be seated
उत्सङ्गवत् adj. utsaGgavat deep-seated
उत्सङ्गिन् adj. utsaGgin deep-seated
अध्यासीन adj. adhyAsIna seated upon
आसन्न adj. Asanna seated down
उत्सङ्गवत् adj. utsaGgavat deep-seated
उत्सङ्गिन् adj. utsaGgin deep-seated
आसन्न ppp. Asanna seated down
धर्मासनगत adj. dharmAsanagata seated on it
अम्बुजासना f. ambujAsanA lotus-seated
अम्बुजासना f. ambujAsanA lotus-seated
जलजासन m. jalajAsana lotus-seated
जलजासन m. jalajAsana lotus-seated
आसितव्य n. Asitavya to be seated [used impersonally]
समुपोपविष्ट adj. samupopaviSTa seated together
अध्यासित adj. adhyAsita seated down upon
अद्मसद् m. admasad seated at a meal
समुपवेशयति verb caus. samupavezayati { samupaviz } ask to be seated
अनर्विश् m. anarviz seated on the car
स्वासीन adj. svAsIna comfortably seated
सुखनिविष्ट adj. sukhaniviSTa comfortably seated
सुखासीन adj. sukhAsIna comfortably seated
शिलासन adj. zilAsana seated on a stones
सुखोपविष्ट adj. sukhopaviSTa comfortably seated
सूपविष्ट adj. sUpaviSTa comfortably seated
सुसमासीन adj. susamAsIna comfortably seated
संनिवेशिन् adj. saMnivezin seated or fixed in
अन्वासीन adj. anvAsIna seated alongside of
अपरसद् adj. aparasad being seated behind
वरूथिन् adj. varUthin seated in a chariot
आसीनप्रचलायित n. AsInapracalAyita nodding when seated
संनिविष्ट adj. saMniviSTa seated down together
संविष्ट adj. saMviSTa seated together with
दन्तिस्थ adj. dantistha seated on an elephant
वेत्रासनासीन adj. vetrAsanAsIna seated on such a seat
ब्रह्मासननिविष्ट adj. brahmAsananiviSTa seated in that posture
कक्षस्थ adj. kakSastha seated on the heap or flank
आसित adj. Asita one who is seated or dwells
अध्यासिन् adj. adhyAsin sitting down or seated upon
ऋतसद् adj. Rtasad seated or dwelling in truth
अनाहूतोपविष्ट adj. anAhUtopaviSTa seated as an uninvited guest
निविष्ट adj. niviSTa seated or sitting upon or in
अन्वास्ते verb 2 anvAste { anvAs } be seated at or near or round
मनःसद् adj. manaHsad seated or dwelling in the mind
उपस्थकृत adj. upasthakRta seated with the legs bent down
अध्यासित adj. adhyAsita seated in a presidential chair
सादयते verb caus. sAdayate { sad } cause to sit down or be seated
सादयति verb caus. sAdayati { sad } cause to sit down or be seated
उत्तरासद् adj. uttarAsad seated northward or on the left
गोदोहिका f. godohikA particular kind of being seated
आरोह m. Aroha one who is seated in a carriage
क्रौञ्चनिषदन n. krauJcaniSadana particular kind of being seated
कौक्कुट n. kaukkuTa particular manner of being seated
कौर्म n. kaurma particular manner of being seated
उपसत्तृ m. upasattR one who has seated himself near or at
बर्हिषद् adj. barhiSad seated or placed on the sacrificial grass
तेजस् n. tejas heating and strengthening faculty of the human frame seated in the bile
कृतावसक्थिक adj. kRtAvasakthika seated on the hams with the knees tied together or the hips and knees surrounded by a cloth
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