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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
अनुक्रम m. anukrama sequence
श्रेधी f. zredhI sequence
अनुबन्ध m. anubandha sequence
क्रम m. krama sequence
फलानुबन्ध m. phalAnubandha sequence of results
आसत्ति f. Asatti uninterrupted sequence
आनन्तर्य n. Anantarya immediate sequence or succession
समन्वय m. samanvaya connected sequence or consequence
अन्वायतते verb caus. anvAyatate { anvAyat } dispose or add in regular sequence
वाक्यमाला f. vAkyamAlA connection or sequence of several sentences
सामवेद m. sAmaveda contains 585 verses disjoined from their proper sequence in the Rg-veda and arranged in 59 dazatis or decades
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