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विविध adj. vividha several
कतिचित् pron. katicit several
कति ind. kati how many? [In the sense of several]
विविध adj. vividha of several kinds
नेम adj. nema several
इतरेतर adj. itaretara several
त्व adj. tva several
अनेक adj. aneka several
कतिपय adj. katipaya several
प्रति adverb prati severally
परि adverb pari severally
पृथक्ता f. pRthaktA severalty
व्यस्तता f. vyastatA severalty
पृथगात्मता f. pRthagAtmatA severalty
अनु ind. anu severally
एकैकशस् ind. ekaikazas severally
प्रत्येकशस् ind. pratyekazas severally
एकैकश्येन ind. ekaikazyena severally
पृथक् ind. pRthak severally
व्यस्तम् ind. vyastam severally
प्रतिकण्ठम् ind. pratikaNTham severally
व्यस्तत्व n. vyastatva severalty
एकैकश्य n. ekaikazya severalty
पार्थक्य n. pArthakya severalty
धर्मसिन्धु m. dharmasindhu ocean of law [name of several works]
अनेकशस् ind. anekazas several times
अनेकीय adj. anekIya having several
अन्यतम adj. anyatama one of several
अपराजित m. aparAjita several plants
नैकधर्म m. naikadharma several properties
अनेकलोचन m. anekalocana having several eyes
अनेकमुख adj. anekamukha having several faces
कन्या f. kanyA several other plants
क्षुरक m. kSuraka several other plants
कनक m. kanaka several other plants
प्रतिविभजति verb prativibhajati { prativibhaj } distribute severally
बह्वच्क adj. bahvacka having several vowels
बह्वच् adj. bahvac having several vowels
बहुविधम् ind. bahuvidham in several directions
चन्द्रवती f. candravatI of several other women
प्रत्यङ्ग m. pratyaGga on the limbs severally
काञ्जिकवटक m. kAJjikavaTaka and several condiments
दीर्घपत्त्र m. dIrghapattra several kinds of grass
व्यभिचारिन् adj. vyabhicArin having several meanings
धौम्य m. dhaumya name of several authors
जनक m. janaka of several official men
बहुपाद adj. bahupAda composed of several pAdas
प्रत्यनुभवति verb pratyanubhavati { pratyanubhU } enjoy singly or severally
अनेकशब्द adj. anekazabda expressed by several words
प्रत्युपदिशति verb pratyupadizati { pratyupadiz } explain singly or severally
तात m. tAta addressed to several persons
तात m. tAta addressed to several persons
आर्तव m. Artava combination of several seasons
व्यासजति verb vyAsajati { vyAsaJj } adhere separately or severally
व्युद्ग्रन्थन n. vyudgranthana binding up with several strings
प्रत्यधीयते verb pratyadhIyate { pratyadhI } read through or study severally
पिच्छिल m. picchila of several trees and other plants
गृह m. gRha house as containing several rooms
तन्त्रता f. tantratA comprehending several rites in one
गोप m. gopa superintendent of several villages
गोलगोल m. golagola globe consisting of several globes
अभिसङ्गृह्णाति verb abhisaGgRhNAti { abhisaMgrah } grasp at once with several fingers
वीप्सा f. vIpsA several or successive order or series
उत्तरतन्त्र n. uttaratantra supplementary portions of several works
शतिका f. zatikA amount of a hundred or of several hundreds
वाक्यमाला f. vAkyamAlA connection or sequence of several sentences
मात्रासंसर्ग m. mAtrAsaMsarga mutual connection between the several parts
इतरेतरकाम्या f. itaretarakAmyA respective or several fancies or inclinations
व्यभिचारिन्त्व n. vyabhicArintva having a secondary meaning or several meanings
मण्डूकगति adj. maNDUkagati leaping like a frog i.e. skipping several sUtras
व्यासज्य ind. vyAsajya having adhered or inhered separately or severally
रशनाकलाप m. razanAkalApa woman's girdle formed out of several strings or threads
रशनाकलापक m. razanAkalApaka woman's girdle formed out of several strings or threads
व्यस्त adj. vyasta inherent in or pervading all the several parts of anything
कायव्यूह m. kAyavyUha supernatural power of assuming several bodies simultaneously
तिथिपालन n. tithipAlana observance of the rites appointed for the several lunar days
घर्घरिका f. ghargharikA short stick for striking several kinds of musical instruments
मण्डूकप्लुति f. maNDUkapluti skipping of several sUtras and supplying from a previous sUtra
विच्छन्दक m. vicchandaka building consisting of several stories and surrounded by a portico
ब्रह्माङ्गभू adj. brahmAGgabhU one who has touched the several parts of his body during the repetition of mantras
अधिष्ठानदेह n. adhiSThAnadeha intermediate body which serves to clothe and support the departed spirit during its several residences in the pitR-loka or world
अधिष्ठानशरीर n. adhiSThAnazarIra intermediate body which serves to clothe and support the departed spirit during its several residences in the pitR-loka or world
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