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सेव्य adj. sevya to be studied
सेव्य adj. sevya honourable
सेव्य adj. sevya to be followed
सेव्य adj. sevya to be resorted to or frequented or inhabited by
सेव्य adj. sevya to be enjoyed carnally
सेव्य adj. sevya to be practised or used or employed
सेव्य adj. sevya to be approached
सेव्य adj. sevya to be waited upon or served or obeyed
सेव्य adj. sevya to be kept or hoarded
सेव्य adj. sevya master
सेव्य adj. sevya to be taken care of or guarded
सेव्य adj. sevya to be honoured
सेव्या f. sevyA parasitical plant
सेव्य m. sevya sparrow
सेव्य m. sevya Indian gooseberry or aamlaa tree [Emblic Myrobalan - Bot.]
सेव्य m. sevya Indian Oak [Barringtonia acutangula - Bot.]
सेव्य m. sevya holy fig tree [Ficus Religiosa - Bot.]
सेव्य m. sevya azvattha tree
सेव्य m. sevya intoxicating drink made from the blossoms of the honey tree [Madhuca longifolia -Bot.]
सेव्य m. sevya kind of wild grain or rice
सेव्य n. sevya sea-salt
सेव्य n. sevya water
सेव्य n. sevya red sandal-wood
सेव्य n. sevya root of vetiver grass [Andropogon Muricatum - Bot.]
सेव्य n. sevya thick middle part of curds
शेव्य adj. zevya dear
शैव्य adj. zaivya relating or belonging to ziva
सेव्यते verb pass. sevyate { sev } be followed or served
सेव्यत्व n. sevyatva state of being liable or worthy to be served or honoured or revered or followed or pursued
सेव्यमान adj. sevyamAna being dwelt in or served or used
सेव्यसेवकौ m. sevyasevakau master and servant
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