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सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta rule
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta theory
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta axiom
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta doctrine
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta principle
भृति-सिद्धान्त m. bhRti-siddhAnta theory of wages [Econ.]
लाभ-सिद्धान्त m. lAbha-siddhAnta theory of profit
अतिरेक-अर्हा-सिद्धान्त m. atireka-arhA-siddhAnta theory of surplus value [Econ.]
जनसंरूह्या-सिद्धान्त m. janasaMrUhyA-siddhAnta theory of population
सिद्धान्त तथा व्ययहार m. siddhAnta tathA vyayahAra theory and practice
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta established end
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta any fixed or established or canonical text-book or received scientific treatise on any subject
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta final end or aim or purpose
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta axiom
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta particular class of Buddhist and jaina works
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta demonstrated conclusion of an argument
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta received or admitted truth
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta dogma
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta settled opinion or doctrine
सिद्धान्ताचार m. siddhAntAcAra one who practises this rule
सिद्धान्ताचार m. siddhAntAcAra perfect rule of action
सिद्धान्तकोटि f. siddhAntakoTi conclusive point in an argument
सिद्धान्तयति verb siddhAntayati { siddhAntaya } establish or prove or demonstrate logically
सिद्धान्तपक्ष m. siddhAntapakSa logically correct side of an argument
सिद्धान्तपटल n. siddhAntapaTala name of work. on the worship of rAma
सिद्धान्तपीयूष n. siddhAntapIyUSa name of work
सिद्धान्तसुन्दर n. siddhAntasundara name of work
उपकार-सिद्धान्त m. upakAra-siddhAnta benefit theory [of taxation; Econ.]
सिद्धान्तचन्द्रोदय m. siddhAntacandrodaya commentary on the tarkasaMgraha (written in 1774 A.D. for rAjasiMha , son of king gajasiMha of vikramapaTTana , by kRSNadhUrjaTidIkSita)
सिद्धान्तधर्मागम m. siddhAntadharmAgama established traditional rule
सिद्धान्तसार्वभौम n. siddhAntasArvabhauma name of work
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