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सिध्म n. sidhma blotch [Med.]
सिध्मल adj. sidhmala covered with thin, scurfy scales
सिध्मवत् adj. sidhmavat blotchy
सिध्म adj. sidhma going straight to a goal or object aimed at
सिध्म adj. sidhma white-spotted
सिध्मा f. sidhmA leprosy
सिध्मा f. sidhmA leprous spot
सिध्मा f. sidhmA blotch
सिध्म n. sidhma scab
सिध्म n. sidhma one of the 18 forms of leprosy
सिध्मन् m. n. sidhman leprosy [med.]
सिध्मन् n. sidhman one of the 1 8 varieties of leprosy
सिध्मल adj. sidhmala leprous [med.]
सिध्मला f. sidhmalA dried or salt fish
सिध्मला f. sidhmalA kind of leprosy
सिध्मवत् adj. sidhmavat leprous
सिध्मवत् adj. sidhmavat pock-marked
सिध्मपुष्पिका f. sidhmapuSpikA kind of mild leprosy
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