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सार्थक adj. sArthaka significant
महत्त्वपूर्ण adj. mahattvapUrNa significant
साकूत adj. sAkUta significant
अधिकाङ्क m. adhikAGka Most Significant Bit (MSB) [computer]
अधिकतमसमर्थाङ्क m. adhikatamasamarthAGka Most Significant Bit (MSB) [computer]
उच्चाङ्क m. uccAGka Most Significant Bit (MSB) [computer]
अल्पाङ्क m. alpAGka Least Significant Bit (LSB) [computer]
अल्पतमसमर्थाङ्क m. alpatamasamarthAGka Least Significant Bit (LSB) [computer]
असमङ्क m. asamaGka Least Significant Bit (LSB) [computer]
असमर्थतमाङ्क m. asamarthatamAGka Least Significant Bit (LSB) [computer]
महार्थ adj. mahArtha significant
अर्थयुक्त adj. arthayukta significant
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha significant
आर्थिक adj. Arthika significant
सान्वय adj. sAnvaya significant
अर्थवत् adj. arthavat significant
आर्थिक adj. Arthika significant
सार्थ adj. sArtha significant
युक्तार्थ adj. yuktArtha significant
अर्थान्वित adj. arthAnvita significant
सार्थवत् adj. sArthavat significant
अलघु adj. alaghu significant
आर्त adj. Arta significant
किञ्चित्कर adj. kiJcitkara significant
यथार्थ adj. yathArtha significant
आर्थ adj. Artha significant
समवेतार्थ adj. samavetArtha significant
महार्थवत् adj. mahArthavat very significant
समर्थ m. samartha significant word
वाचक m. vAcaka significant sound
अर्थगरियस् adj. arthagariyas highly significant
जाह्रस्यते verb Intens. jAhrasyate { hras } curtail significantly
जाह्रस्ति verb Intens. jAhrasti { hras } curtail significantly
साकूतस्मित n. sAkUtasmita significant or meaning smile
वाचकपद n. vAcakapada expressive or significant word
अभिव्याहार m. abhivyAhAra articulate significant word or phrase
उद्घातक n. udghAtaka dialogue carried on in short abrupt but significant words
उद्घात्य n. udghAtya dialogue carried on in short abrupt but significant words
समर्थ m. samartha construction or coherence of words in a significant sentence
परिकर m. parikara particular figure in which many significant epithets or adjectives are employed one after the other to give force to a statement
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